F-35 Fighter Jets In the Air


Pre-Tech is the preferred supplier for critical industries around the world, delivering custom-machined parts for aviation, space, military, and biomedical.
As an advanced machine shop, our cutting-edge technology and top delivery performance has helped us earn our place in the top echelon of contract manufacturers of complex machined parts for some of the most demanding industries and applications.


We manufacture and deliver complex parts and components for a wide range of aerospace applications, from large, commercial aviation companies to military defense applications. You can find Pre-Tech products on board many commercial flights to help get you from A to B, and inside the equipment and weaponry that keeps us safe

Our compliance with ITAR, AS9100, ISO9001, and NADCAP is a testament to our quality processes, and dedication to ongoing innovation in the field. Our experienced team can handle custom orders of the most complex nature, meeting all necessary requirements and documentation to satisfy government regulations to manufacture both commercial and military airplanes, jets, and helicopters.
Space Shuttle


Our 35+ years of experience in close-tolerance machining allows us to serve the increasingly complex requirements of space applications. Our custom components may likely end up on Mars (yes, Mars). Our work includes parts and components for launch vehicles, satellites, and control systems.


Our world-class facility and industry-exceeding quality management program meets the rigorous standards for military-grade. We support the rapidly growing military and defense agencies with a solid foundation of experience in precision machining coupled with expert planning.


With our investment in the most sophisticated technology and robust inspection capabilities, we can keep up with the ever-evolving medical industry through manufacturing of medical analysis equipment components to support testing, diagnostics, and treatment in the medical field.

Our precision parts and components ensure reliability and accuracy when it matters most 

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