Engineer working at a computer

Engineering Support

Combining the brightest minds with cutting-edge technology to excel in precision machining
At Pre-Tech, innovation is an essential component of our work—and what sets us apart from the competition. Our engineering team works to create tools and processes that make us better, faster, and more efficient while maintaining the highest level of precision in the industry.

Fusion 360 & SOLIDWORKS

Our engineering team is trained in both Fusion 360 and SOLIDWORKS (CAD software) for 3D model creation and adjusting designs for manufacturability. It also enables us to design custom fixtures in-house for work holding of nearly any size and shape to add speed, efficiency, and function to our manufacturing process. 


Our team uses BobCAD-CAM software to program the parts we produce. This software program allows us to plan the job, work holding, and stock size, as well as program the parts production and simulate the output against all of the work holding and part models for accuracy.

3D Printing & Custom Fixturing

Our 3D printing capabilities enable us to evaluate parts, print custom fixtures for work holding, and have R&D prototyping capabilities to take your part or component seamlessly from concept to production with precision and speed. Our dedicated engineers design, provide technical assistance, and help support the entire process from start to finish.
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