NDT fluorescence process on metal parts


Delivering precise machined components for essential industries and critical applications
With our history of machining excellence and use of highly sophisticated equipment, we ensure that our parts and components meet—and often exceed—industry requirements in aviation, space, military, and biomedical. At our world-class facility in Vermont, USA, we manufacture, inspect, and test components needed for some of the world’s most critical work.
CNC machine with door open
Machining Services
Learn more about our machining services, how we do it, and the state-of-the-art equipment we use to get your job done right.
Engineer working at computer
Engineering Support
Our engineering capabilities help take you seamlessly from concept to production. Learn more about our engineering support and services for critical components.
Our inspection equipment and processes easily handle the most complicated geometry and smallest measurements without breaking a sweat. Learn more about our inspection services. 
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