Fowler V9 Trimos Digital Height Stand


Quality management at all stages of the manufacturing process

Our Inspection Process

We understand the great responsibility of manufacturing your components for quality, accuracy, and compliance. That’s why we’ve developed and honed our inspection process to ensure precision of your parts and components with the highest level of quality, from pre-production planning to the final inspection. 

Our engineers evaluate the machining process and identify and address any foreseeable issues before production begins, allowing us to form a detailed, data-backed inspection plan to ensure your parts and components meet or exceed every specification. 

Read more about our comprehensive engineering support.

The Highest Level of Performance

Our sophisticated equipment allows our machinists and quality management system to maintain the highest level of performance using state-of-the-art CMMs (coordinate measuring machines), height gauges, vision systems, gauges, and hand tools to measure and verify part dimensions against part models and two-dimensional prints.

The data is stored and used to produce inspection reports to meet customer requirements. 

Inspection Room Equipment 

Our final inspections are completed in our temperature and humidity-controlled Inspection Room, where we use the following additional tools and/or procedures to inspect products and ensure their accuracy and quality:
  • Vision systems
  • Micro-hites
  • Air gauges
  • Calibration
  • Optical comparator
  • Laser micrometer
For a complete list and description of our inspection equipment, please visit our Technologies page.

Our world-class inspection capabilities ensure we meet every specification for your parts and components 

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