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Machining Services

As a leader in precision machining for complex parts, we use state-of-the-art technology and processes to achieve quality, reliability, and efficiency.
At Pre-Tech, our proven processes and investment in the latest equipment technology allows us a broad range of capabilities to tackle the most complex jobs that others can’t or won’t take on.

At our 22,000 SF facility in Mineville, NY and our 35,000 SF manufacturing space in Williston, VT, we specialize in low to medium-volume production of very highly complex parts with extreme accuracy and precision. We employ sophisticated equipment and highly skilled machinists to produce parts and components that meet industry requirements.

We have a vast range of capabilities in CNC machining

Our machining processes include:
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CNC Milling and Turning

Pre-Tech’s robust CNC milling and turning program takes accuracy and quality to the next level. We employ CNC milling and turning capabilities to ensure that each new part order meets or exceeds every specification within the shortest possible lead time. We have more than 50 CNC machines and a group of highly skilled machinists who are dedicated to meeting a wide variety of performance-critical needs.

Multitasking CNC Turning

Our CNC Multitasking Turning Centers combine proven processes with the highest level of advancement in machine design to mill, turn, and cut work materials all in one automated process, reducing the need for additional steps and queue time. By using the latest in CNC machining technology, we’re able to process your parts faster and more efficiently.

5-Axis and Multi-Axis Machining

Our CNC machining services include both 5-axis and multi-axis vertical machining capabilities, enabling us to achieve a higher level of complexity for each machined part or component. Pre-Tech is capable of simultaneous 5-axis motion and molding complex shapes/parts.

Horizontal Machining

Pre-Tech’s two horizontal machining centers, located in our NY facility, offer precision, control, capability, and speed. This type of CNC milling allows for high speed and automatic tool and pallet changes to increase productivity and capacity. Our machining centers are able to operate “lights-out,” saving valuable human time and money for our customers.
For a full equipment list, visit our Technologies page

Handling every process from start to finish

We provide a full range of secondary processes to complete a job at the highest level of quality. Learn more about our outside service offerings.
Assembly room
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Innovating for continuous improvement

Our Engineering Support services allow us to accomplish machining simulations and R&D prototyping to take your job seamlessly from start to finish. Learn more about how we design and manufacture custom products with our range of engineering services.
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